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Change processes at work, problems in relation to others, working atmosphere, stress in competitive
situations lead to conflicts and difficult situations in the company. A focused support with
team coaching or mediation can provide solutions.

Individual Coaching

The clients are supported goal oriented, focused on the situation, continuous and with a set time
frame. The person and his/her professional role are in the focal point. The support has a holistic,
methodic and didactic design. The focus is oriented i.e. on the enhancement of social competences
in collaboration or the conceptional abilities.


Businesses are successful only because of its optimally functioning teams. They depend on a good
team work. Motivated teams which define common goals and which uncover conflicts allow more
accomplishment. The following consulting and supporting services form a team of individual

  • Focusing on common goals, clients and processes

  • Improving the performance

  • Optimizing the collaboration

Conflict manangement and mediation

The Adventure of Selfcoaching

Extending self-awareness. Access to more inner resources in order to achieve goals more effectively and with more confidence New ways of dealing reasonably with uncomfortable aspects of one's personality
Strategies for mindful, creative and effective ways of dealing with everyday challenges Instruments to accompany yourself successfully in transformation processes

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