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Migraine at work / chronic headaches

In the western countries 10-15% of the population suffers from migraine, a debilitating illness
which diminishes life quality. In Switzerland live approx. 1 million migraine patients. Therefore this
illness is of a relevant economic importance. The annual costs are an estimated 500 million Swiss
Francs. While the costs for consultation and medication reach about a 100 million Swiss Francs
the indirect costs of a complete or partial incapacity to work are significant.

Migraine is one of the most common chronic illnesses with a high economic significance.

Adequate measures of prevention and treatment of migraine can reduce the costs significantly.
They are worthwhile for the corporations as well as for the patients and the health insurances.
Often people who are affected by migraine are above average performers when they don’t suffer from an attac. Therfore it is well worth to apply specific measures for the affected and to keep them available for the company and to (re)integrate them. More than often a positive working situation has
an alleviating effect on the migraine.



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