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  • To recognize the individual implications of demographic change on the company
    and its constructive handling.

  • To build a culture of confidence in the company to guarantee the flow of
    information and knowledge.

  • To appoint employees adequate to his/her age

  • Strategies of personal development respecting demographic change


  • Seminars

  • Coaching

Thematic focus

  • Implications of demographic change on the company

  • Analysis of the age structure

  • Cultural development and change of awareness regarding older coworkers

  • Appreciation and support by the superiors

  • Personal development respecting demographic change

  • Age-adequate appointment of personnel

  • Age-adequate working time models

  • New forms of work organization regarding motivation and bonding

  • Support of employability and sustaining of performance

  • Compensation of the loss of empirical knowledge and qualification

  • Know how transfer from leaving employees to younger colleagues

  • Maintenance of information channels

  • Recruitment of junior staff and experts

  • Analysis and fulfillment of skill needs

  • Lifelong learning

  • Participations of staff – to make the affected to stakeholders

  • Evaluation

  • Practical exercises

Target groups and options of application

  • Executives and team leader of all hierarchical levels

  • HR responsibles

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