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Stress prevention



„Stress” can be understood in different ways. Stress is a popular term as well as a taboo.
We distinguish “Eustress” = positive stress which vitalizes the body and releases energy.
This constructive experience can be found in families, around friends and at work, as well.

"Distress" = negative stress harms the body and health. It occurs when there is a lack of
appreciation, when we are not able to solve our problems and when we meet our physical
and emotional limits.

Constant stress inhibits the use of the natural human resources and reduces dramatically
the performance of the individual person and of the organization.

A total of 34% of Swiss employees feel chronically stressed, 7% more than 10 years ago!
In 2010 the number of employees stating to feel capable to cope with their stress dropped
by 11%.

A total of 25 % of the employees feels affected by burnout (emotional exhaustion). Burnout
is related to perceived stress, emotional dissonance, social discrimination, ineffective
leadership and a difficult compatibility of job and private life.
(Source: State
Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO)

Annual costs of stress: CHF 4.2 billion. (Source SECO)


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