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WU LIN Organisation / specific offer

WU LIN Kung Fu is a chinese martial art. It contains elements to exercise the body and to cultivate the mind which leave traces in everyday life, as well. So it becomes an art of living.

Essentially it’s about the ability to recall acquired knowledge, i.e. physical and mental techniques,
in every moment, no matter under which circumstances. The overall goal is to be dedicated to this art
as a continuously changing process. The student learns to appreciate every single step on the path.
The focus shifts from the illusionary goal to the present. Thus virtues like patience, equanimity,
awareness and empathy, are developed, but also clarity, directness, self confidence and self responsibility.

Qi Gong-, Kung Fu-, Yoga-, Zen- and Tea for Business, a specific offer to support the mental and
physical fitness

Sandy Taikyu Kuhn Shifu Fredy Jundo Kuhn 
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